Prima Donna Albizia | 0263172 Balcony

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Prima From Prima Donna, this bra does a great job of cradling your breasts in comfortable cups. Albizia, a balcony bra that will give you that perfect, smooth, round shape. Heavy breasts? No worries, this bra is for you. The padded cups will hold, support, and shape your best as good as any bra on the market.

Plus it has loads of style with a wonderful, playful, colored embroidery around the cups.

Want to show a little cleavage? You can do that too.

Nothing but a high quality Prima Donna bra at an amazing low price.

  • Style 0263172.
  • EU Size.
  • Color Blue Bell.


Prima Donna bra size chart


Sizing with the calculator is an estimate, for a sure fit, always visit a proper bra fitting store.