We want to be the largest independent online bra retailer in Canada. And we are doing it, one small bra store at a time.


There are no full price bras on our site. Every bra is at least 30% off. Often more.


We will have the most bras and they'll all be on sale.


Other things that make us unique?


  • We are the only bra store that takes returns on sale bras. We checked, no one else does that. We do. Unless they are $20 or under, then it is yours forever.


  • We are all about small business. That’s why we have so many bras, we bring small bra stores in Canada together. We help them list and sell their sale bras here, at Your Bra Store.


  • We aren't one store. We are a community of stores. When you buy a bra from us, your money supports a small, female owned business and her family.


  • We focus on the best brands. No mall brands. No chain brands. We care about fit and quality. Anita. Elomi. Empreinte. Panache. Marie Jo. Simone Perele. Prima Donna. And more.


  • We have no size limits. We have bands from 28 to 56 and cup sizes to N. We try to have something for everyone, regardless of size.


  • Our store is for the knowledgeable bra buyer. 



We do not offer bra fit advice. Fitting advice comes at a premium. It takes years to accumulate and is hard to master. If you need bra fitting advice you should be shopping at a small bra store. That advice is worth every penny.


Don’t know where to find a good bra store to help you out?


Check out our sister site, Bra Directory.


You'll find a list of all the small bra stores in Canada. Search stores based on brands and specialties; nursing, virtual fittings, mastectomy, swim, and more.


In this bra life, it’s not all about us. It’s about all the small bra stores in Canada.


Your Bra Store is a bra service company for bra stores.


Customers get more sale bras in one spot.


Small bra stores get more sales.


We are all in this together.


Want to learn more about us and find out if we are real?


Check out our Google Reviews or Instagram page.


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