We are not an ordinary bra store. We don’t even really think of ourselves as a bra store.
We sell bras as a by-product of our goal: to be a service company for bra stores. We help small stores sell their bras online.
Our ethos is different than that of bra stores and brands. In the end we all sell bras, but the reasons why are not the same.
The ethos of most brands and stores is empowerment. Confidence. Femininity. Helping customers feel and look beautiful in their skin.
Us, we didn't start there.
Our passion is different. We love stores. Convenience stores. Jewelry stores. Shoe stores. Kids stores. We love small, independent stores.
I grew up pre-Walmart, pre-Amazon, pre-Starbucks, pre-internet, pre-big box. My parents had stores. I had stores. Most of those old stores that I loved, gone. The character stores brought to a neighborhood, lost.
It’s a new world out there.
Today, the investment needed to open a store is steep. The risk, enormous. The reward, questionable.
When I crossed path with a bra store, I was riveted and mortified.
Bra stores are one of the last small businesses standing. Why? Because almost all premium brands sell in small, specialized stores. Bras are meant to be sold one on one. A collaboration between customer and fitter.
That is the riveting part. An industry reliant on small stores almost all owned by women. Bras rely on the family run business.
I was mortified at how many bras a store needs to stock. Stores do not want to turn customers away because they do not have their size. So they stock, at a huge cost.
The result?
Large inventories to serve their area. Bras sit on racks for years. Real money locked up indefinitely.
So our goal became : target those languishing bras and turn them into money. You can’t pay rent with a bra. You can’t pay your staff with a bra. You sure can’t eat a bra.
And we do live in a Walmart, Amazon, big box, internet world so we decided to leverage it to our advantage. 
Is buying bras online ideal? No. But if consumers are going to buy online (we can 't put that genie back in the bottle) why not unite the stores to give customers the best experience we can online? 
We created a value proposition to benefit store and customer :
The customer gets a discounted bra.
A small store gets a sale.
By coming together, we all shop local from anywhere.
With us, you know you buy from a small business somewhere.