Where Do You Get Your Bras?


The bras we carry live mostly in the world of small retailers. At times a small chain of up to five stores may exist, but for the most part these bras are sold at small independent stores. 

These stores generally have between 3 and 10 employees and most of them will be fitters who live among bras all day. These are the places we get our bras.

We do have our own collection, bras that retailers just want to get out of their stores they'll sell to us, but for the most part, you are buying directly from them. Nice stores run by women who know about boobs and fit and cut and style and quality. That is where our bras come from. 

When you shop with us you shop local somewhere.


Are The Bras New?



Our bras are new and unworn. 

They are hanging on a rack somewhere waiting for you.


Can I Return A Purchase?




Unless it's $15 or under. Then it is yours forever.


What Sizes Do You Carry?


As many as we can. 


How Will I Know Which Bra To Buy?


First rule is, you should not be buying a bra from us if you don't know which bra to buy.

Know your brand and know your size is the most important thing to buying a bra online.

If you do not have a regular fitting store you patron, you should start there before buying from us. 

Buying from your local store is the most important step in being able to buy bras with us that you know will fit you. We are a bra supplement. Make your local store your main source of bras and top up with us.

That step is a real grief savior. 

Next, there is a great place online to talk bras with a good calculator tool on Reddit. Highly recommend if you want to read bra stuff.


 Last, all our bras some with posted style number. Use it in Google.


My Shipping Charge Went Up, Why?


We are made up of independent bra retailers in Canada. 

When you put items in your cart that increase shipping, it is because bras are at different stores. 



When Will I Get The Bra I Ordered?


We ship within 48 hours.

All packages ship via Canada Post.

Canada - 3 days.

USA - 5 days.


How Much Does Shipping Cost?


$11 within Ontario.

$13 all other Provinces.

$15 to the USA.

Remember, bras may ship from multiple locations.

Shipping charges are yours including returns.


Why Is There A Re-Stocking Fee?


We would love to not have one. And we are working hard towards eliminating it. 

For now, there are three reasons:

1 - These are small business bras and there is risk every time a bra is returned that their integrity might have been compromised. 

2 - When you receive a bra it costs us money in packaging and we subsidize some of the shipping.

3 - These are sale bras that can be returned. That is not the norm. Even the largest retailers with the most generous return policies do not allow returns on sale items. 


Where Are You Located?


Our office is in Toronto.


What Currency Do You Work With?


Our prices are in Canadian dollars. 


How Do I Find My Bra In Your Store?



You can filter by cup and band to see what we have for you.

Or narrow it down by brand and type.




What Is "$15 AND UNDER"?


Bras that cannot be returned and cost $15 or less.