Where Do You Get Your Bras?

We work with small retailers that carry brands we know you want at a low price. Cheap bras are easy to find. Good bras at low prices are much harder to find and that's our area. Our retail partners are mostly small to mid-size fitting boutiques.


How Do You Know Which Bras To Buy?

The relationship with our retailers plays a big role. They are an excellent source of information. 

We have a three-point criteria when buying bras:

1 - The bra must be new and unworn.

2 - The bra must meet a quality threshold.

3 - We must be able to post the bra on our site at a minimum of 50% off the MSRP.

We do not stock cheap bras, we have good bras at good prices.


Are The Bras New?


Our bras are new and unworn, they have just been left behind by newer models and collections. 


Can I Return A Purchase?


You have 48hrs after receiving your order to arrange a return or exchange.

Go to the 'Returns' tab on the homepage for all the details.


What Size Do You Carry?

Our cup sizes range from A to M. 

Our band sizes range from 28 to 48.


How Will I Know Which Bra To Buy?

If you have not been professionally fitted, we suggest you do that.

You should purchase brands or models you have worn before so you know how they fit you.

We encourage you to use resources online such as BRATABASE or A BRA THAT FITS to learn more about our bras. 

The internet is full of information on the bras we carry. Google them for more in depth information online and then come back for the low price.


When Will I Get The Bra I Ordered?

We ship from Toronto 24-48hrs after you place your order.

All packages shipped via Canada Post.

They reach most places in Canada in 3 days and most places in the USA in 5 days.


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We have flat rate shipping.

Ontario = $11 

Rest of Canada = $13

USA = $16

You are responsible for all shipping charges, including RETURNS. 


Where Are You Located?

We are an online only store in Toronto.


What Currency Do You Work With?

All our prices are in Canadian dollars. 

To our American friends, this means that prices are about 20% less than the listed price due to the exchange.


How Do I Find My Bra In Your Store?

We suggest you start by knowing your size. From there, you can use our BRA FILTER to narrow down the bras available to you. 


How Do I Use The Bra Filter?

The BRA FILTER offers you 4 defining options: BAND, CUP, STYLE, BRAND.

If you don't select a specific filter, it will show you ALL bras in that area. For example, if you choose BAND + CUP, but do not select STYLE nor BRAND, the filter will show you all the bras that match your BAND + CUP selections and all STYLES and all BRANDS.

You can choose more than one of the options, for example, if you generally wear a 34 BAND but can also fit into a 32 BAND, you can select both BAND sizes and the filter will generate those results. 


What Is "$15 AND UNDER"?

Those are bras we have at prices of $15 or less. Those bras are FINAL SALE and CANNOT BE RETURNED.


How Do I Take Care Of My Bra?

Bras should be hand washed and hung dry. If you must machine wash them, put them in a delicates bag. Use a gentle soap.