Things to know...

   Some tips for shopping with us...


#1 – Buy bras you know. Only buy bras you are familiar with.


#2 – Use us to supplement your bra wardrobe, not as your main source. Shop at your local fitting store and supplement with us.


#3 – Get regularly fitted. This keeps you up to date on size and brands.


# 4 – We are not a bra fitting business. We do not help assess fit.


 # 5 – Research our bras. Use the style number to look them up on Google.


# 6 - We don't buy from distributors, we sell what we find. If you like it and it sells, it's gone.


#7 - Use our BRA FILTER to narrow down by sizes. This prevents an endless scroll through bras that are not in your size. You can also choose type of bra and brand to further narrow your search, 


# 8 - If you know the style number of the bra you are looking for, put it in the SEARCH BAR. All bras are tagged by STYLE#. They are also tagged by BRAND and MODEL.


# 9 – Read our RETURN POLICY.


#10 - Our bras are sourced from different locations, be ready to receive your order in multiple shipments.


# 11 - Ask us stuff :




  • A Bra That Fits – A welcoming, safe, space to talk about your bras, fit, and your bra search.
  • Bra Directory : A directory of bra stores in Canada, plus guides, charts, and a bra size calculator.


Be a knowledgeable buyer.