Marie Jo Avero | Plunge 0100418


We love it when companies design products that really stand out. Marie Jo has outdone themselves with their Avero line. Anyone who has worn an Avero bra or knows the Avero line can spot one right away thanks to their original checkered look.

This is their plunge version of the Avero. This bra gives you incredible lift and shape with pre-formed foam cups that have some light padding. The result? A smooth, round look.

The plunge version does a great job of lifting and centering your breasts to create a standout look to wear with any low-cut tops.

By far one of the best selling models in the lingerie world, if you have not tried any of the Avero line, we suggest you do.

Our low price for this Marie Jo bra is the icing on the cake. You won't find this bra at a lower price anywhere. But act quick, once they sell, they are gone.

  • Style 0100418.
  • EU Size.
  • Color Apple Sorbet.


Marie Jo bra size chart


Sizing with the calculator is an estimate, for a sure fit, always visit a proper bra fitting store.