Empreinte Thalia | 0756 Full Cup


The iconic Empreinte Thalia bra is a stylish and feminine lingerie piece with details that evoke the glamour of the 1920s art deco era. Designed and crafted in France, this full coverage bra offers superior support and comfort with its full structured cup and reduced stretch elastic straps that adjust for the perfect fit.

Featuring a stunning sheer embroidered top cup and opaque bottom, this Empreinte masterpiece sculpts your figure with its wing-like motifs along the edges of the bra. The bra's superior construction and striking embroidery on the straps and neckline exude premium craftsmanship from the French masters.

The Thalia bra provides full coverage and maximum support while remaining feminine and elegant. Its three-part underwire non-stretch cups ensure structure and support, while the higher center panel allows for ease of movement.

Empreinte cups run large, so it's important to ensure a snug but comfortable fit on the loosest hook when the bra is new. As you wear the bra over time, it will stretch out and you can adjust to the middle or tightest hook for extended wear.

At our sale price, you can enjoy the pinnacle of quality and design from the authentic French lingerie brand, Empreinte.

  • Style 0756.
  • FR Size.
  • Color Encre Bleue.


Empreinte bra size chart


Sizing with the calculator is an estimate, for a sure fit, always visit a proper bra fitting store.