Empreinte Garance | 08216 Balcony


Everyone is loving the Garance line from Empreinte. A low neck bra from Empreinte.

This lower cut underwired bra features three-section cups, meticulously designed to provide uplift and create a forward shape that enhances your natural curves.

Crafted from robust dotted tulle fabric, this bra boasts an extra layer of tulle lining on the bottom cup, offering additional firmness and support. The top cup is adorned with large rose embroidery, adding a touch of delicate femininity to your attire.

Fully adjustable straps, featuring front frill embellishments, bring a chic and playful element to this exquisite piece.

The Garance bra elegantly combines floral embroidery with light tulle plumetis, creating a romantic and feminine feel that's perfect for any occasion.

Buy it and love it for the style, the support and the low price!

  • Style 08216.
  • FR Size.
  • Color Black.

Empreinte bra size chart


Sizing with the calculator is an estimate, for a sure fit, always visit a proper bra fitting store.