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Reviewing Our Relationships with Bra Stores.

Our first ever blog post!

We do write, but publish it on the Bra

At YBS we focus on finding bras and publishing them on the site.


I’ve always felt that if we have the bras and the prices, that is substantive enough. After all, who cares about what we think?


It’s all about the bras! Good bras. Authentic. High quality. On sale. That’s our value proposition. And that’s what we have focused on.

I was prompted to write this post because of an online comment I read about us. 

The comment read:

"The problem with the store is that - the merchandise they are selling could be defective, and Your Bra Store won't know that (because the merchandise is not on their shelves, if that makes sense), because it's sitting in another store. So, it's a bit risky."

When I read that I thought, there is a legitimate concern I never thought of. 

The integrity of the bras we sell is so obvious to us, we never thought this doubt might exist. If this customer has that concern, other people must have that concern as well. So I decided to write this blog post and talk about our process with bra stores.

One of the first things we decided was to not use email as the main method of introducing ourselves to bra stores. We all get spammy or ridiculous emails every day. It’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Email is not a very effective method for connecting with bra store business owners.

Real results come from visiting bra stores in person. 

So that’s what we do. 

We go to every store we work with. We have met every store owner that works with us. 

We have our list of bra stores. We designate zones. We get in our car and we visit. For all the new fancy approaches to business, old school meet and greets is still the best in our opinion. 

Our business is all about trust, with store owners, and with customers. 

Visiting bra stores in person gives us a chance to meet the owner. They get to  see our face, talk, connect as people and share our mutual understanding of the challenges of running a retail store.

After we meet, most of our work selling bras moves online. But that meeting is the catalyst for all our work together.

During those visits we get an inside look into their operation. We have seen more bra rooms than we like to remember! We see their offices. Their changerooms. The whole store.

Every store we have been in (those that sign up with us, and those that say no) have all been amazing.


Amazing in their professionalism, their knowledge, and their operation.


Amazing because we see and know that they have what I need to fulfill my end of the bargain to my customers; the right bra brands at the right price. 

All of the stores that sell with us carry high investment brands (Prima Donna, Empreinte, Anita, Marie Jo, Simone Perele, Ulla, Elomi, Panache, Ewa Michalak, Comexim, Corin, Wacoal, and much more).


Every store is extremely cautious and professional with their approach to their inventory. These stores have a lot of money invested in bras to protect.

There might not be a more meticulous and more organized group of women than bra store owners.

Bra stores are not faceless corporations with thousands of employees. They are all owner operated small businesses. They are tightly managed.

These stores have a higher level of quality control than any large retailer. 

The bra store owner works there every day. They have paid for every one of those bras with their own money. They are personally invested in every item.

Their bras are kept in pristine condition to be ready to sell at any moment. With us or in their store. 

When a bra is not well cared for and protected, it risks being spoiled, and every product spoiled is money lost to that small bra store owner. 

This is why we decided to write this blog post.


We wanted to give you our word, these bras are coming from high quality, well run bra stores.


When you shop with us (even if the low prices seem too good to be true!):

1 - You are always buying a new and authentic bra.

2 - Your product is coming from a small bra store somewhere.

3 - We visit every bra store that is in our network and know every owner.

4 - Every bra store in our network is a proper bra fitting boutique, female owned and most have been selling bras for over 10 years.

5 - Every purchase you make helps support a small bra store.

6 - Every purchase you make helps us reach more stores and increase our network.

These are the best bras in the world, kept in the best conditions, in the best bra fitting stores in Canada.

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