Prima Donna Deauville | 0161816/7 Full Cup


You need a bra. What can you do? So, you look for a really really good bra. This is it!

The Prima Donna Deauville bra is a really really good bra. This bra gives you full coverage and full containment. Ideal for larger breasts because the hold and comfort are great.

Designed with deep, 3-part cups. Vertical and angled seams give the front of this bra incredible shape. 

This Prima Donna bra is an investment, buy her, wear her, be comfortable, for a long time. 

  • Style 0161816/7.
  • EU Size.
  • Color Scarlet.


Prima Donna bra size chart


Sizing with the calculator is an estimate, for a sure fit, always visit a proper bra fitting store.