A collection of tips to help you find the right bra and avoid grief.


#1 – Buy bras you know! We recommend you buy bras or brands that you are familiar with.


#2 – Use us to supplement your bra wardrobe, not as your main source. Shop at your local fitting store and supplement with us.


#3 – Get regularly fitted. This keeps you up to date on your size and how brands fit you.


# 4 – We are not a bra fitting business! The internet and your local store are great sources of information on our bras. We focus on finding good bras at good prices.


# 5 – Research our bras. The internet is full of information on our bras. Google them. Read reviews. Use online resources. All our bras are listed with Brand, Model, and Style #.


Some Suggestions:


  • A Bra That Fits – The best online fitting calculator!!! Go to their Reddit page to access it. An excellent community on Reddit and Facebook. Friendly members discussing bras, comparing bras, sharing bra horror and success stories. A welcoming, safe, space.


  • Bratabase – an online community dedicating to logging, recording, and discussing as many bras as possible. Lots of information available there.


  • The Lingerie Addict – probably the best-known bra blogger in the world.


# 6 – Read our RETURN POLICY!! This should be #1. We are a great source of bras at a good price, but if you have to return bras, it can strain our relationship if you didn’t read our policy.

#7 - We work with a network of Retail Partners. This allows us to find you bras at low prices but this means that our bras might ship from anywhere in Canada. This may cause you to see multiple shipping charges as each retailer is shipping from their store. Although shipping charges may be scary sometimes, you'll always get the bra for less than retail price, even with the shipping charge! And you won't have to spend the time driving, parking, etc. 

# 8 - Ask questions. Don't be shy.


Be a knowledgeable buyer.