A collection of tips to help you find the right bra and avoid grief.


#1 – Buy bras you know! We recommend you buy bras or brands that you are familiar with.


#2 – Use us to supplement your bra wardrobe, not as your main source. Shop at your local fitting store and top up with us.


#3 – Get regularly fitted. This keeps you up to date on your size and how brands fit you.


# 4 – We are not a bra fitting business! The internet and your local store are great sources of information on our bras. Our area is finding good bras and service.


# 5 – Research our bras. The internet is full of information on our bras. Google them. Read reviews. Use online resources. All our bras are listed with Brand, Model, and Style #.


Some Suggestions:


  • A Bra That Fits – an excellent community on Reddit and Facebook. Friendly members discussing bras, comparing bras, sharing bra horror and success stories. A welcoming, safe, space.


  • Bratabase – an online community dedicating to logging, recording, and discussing as many bras as possible. Lots of information available there.


  • The Lingerie Addict – probably the best-known bra blogger in the world.


  • Big Boob Problems – another Reddit, judgement free, group, where women share stories, tips and help.


# 6 – Read our RETURN POLICY!! This should be #1. We are a great source of bras at a good price, but if you have to return bras, it can strain our relationship if you didn’t read our policy.


# 7 - Ask questions. Don't be shy.


Be a knowledgeable buyer.

Informed decisions save money and reduce grief.